Logfont Collingwood flag made by Penelope Durston and me. Part of a series available in Cottage Industry, featuring lettering by Rebecca Hayes, Dell Stewart and Adam Cruickshank. So many lovely ones, but this one fits in around here.



We had two weeks of thawing out and hanging with my family, followed by a couple of days in Cape Tribulation. It was horrible.


Everything far away can be near again

Adam Cruickshank at Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts. Tonight! Be sure to pick up a newspaper too.


West Space

I'm late posting this, as I have a sick baby. Tonight is the opening of the annual West Space fundraiser exhibition. Here's a sneak peak of my work for the show. West Space are like family, so best look after them.

Fruit Salad 2014.


My World Was Made For You

Is a new album by the Icypoles.  They are launching it this Sunday the 15th June at Shebeen. It's a perfect David Lynch soundtrack, all sweet voices, catchy melodies and cinematic sounds and I love them.

We are playing support, so I'm terrified, but, come along, it should be fun.


Small Time / True Belief


C3 Contemporary Art Space 28th May - 15th June 2014

Small Time / True Belief is new video work by Dell Stewart and Adam Cruickshank. It opens Wednesday next week, and you are invited.


Hot Chocolate Log Mug

It is getting to be the weather for it. We had a picnic in the gardens on Saturday, and after hours outdoors, this was just what I needed. I made this mug awhile ago, but it is perfect for this. I believe there is another one or two like it at Mr Kitly. Hope you've had a lovely easter break.



Again, I've been bad at this. But here is a thing... In 2014 West Space is publishing a new fortnightly edition of MATERIAL edited by Danny Lacy and John Nixon. 

Issue No.6 of Material features Dell Stewart's work titled Wood, silk, concrete, rock. Now available from the WestSpace Reading Room, you can buy this individual issue of Material or order the whole 2014 set of 25 by sending us an email.


Little people

I've been a bit of a zombie, but have been watching this story unfold, and would like to express my gratitude to the artists involved for taking a stand. It must've been a hard decision, and I'm glad it has proven effective. Now I only hope it sends a message to our politicians, though I don't hold out much hope. It seems every day there's another embarrassing and destructive policy or news story piling up, making it impossible to continue living in denial.

So, yes to action, regardless of whether it can do anything but make me feel better for having said something. I'll be at the State Library on the 16th of March for my baby's first protest.

Speaking of babies, this is a photo I took at our last new parents group meeting, months ago now. Already it would be impossible to get these babies in frame like this, as none of them stay where you put them anymore. Crawling, standing, scooching, rolling, wriggling babies.